Hyvinkää trial, enduro & scramble 2018

25th and 26th of August I went to watch trial, enduro and scramble (=motocross) races in Hyvinkää. Or they’re not actual races, but more of a fun show-off to the audience with classic motorcycles. Anyways the atmosphere was unique in both of the days! Trial The first day started out with trial. I haven’t ever... Continue Reading →

Sidecarcross races of summer 2018

This summer I visited two motocross events that had also sidecar classes: SM-Motocross @ Hyvinkää 26th May 2018 Classic motocross @ Karkkila 3rd June 2018 I was planning on participating in two other events beside these, but other things got on the way. I really like sidecarcross and try to go and see them as... Continue Reading →

Offroad with Honda Riders

7th of April I got to try out offroading for the second time in my life! This time I was riding with Honda Riders of Finland in Dynaset Offroad Arena in Ylöjärvi (near Tampere). The event was only for members of the Honda Riders club and was, to my mind, very cheap as the three... Continue Reading →

Race around lake Päijänne 2018

Race around lake Päijänne (Päijänteen ympäriajo in Finnish) or “Päitsi” is a two-day enduro GP race held in Finland every year. You can read more info about the race from Päitsi’s website. Last year the race was in 25th-26th of March so this year the race is one week earlier than last year. And you... Continue Reading →

Offroad test drive day in Turku

Saturday 10th March we participated in an offroad test drive event in Turku with my friend Heidi. The event was only for women and you could try out offroad / motocross. Needless to say I was super excited (and a little bit nervous, too) about going there! There was about 50-60 women participating in the... Continue Reading →

Introducing Minna

Hi! I'm Minna, 24 years old girl from Southern part of Finland (I live pretty close to our capital Helsinki). My love for motorcycles started when I was 15. I rode a tiny Honda Monkey (model 1992) (which was a leftover from my big brother) from age 15 to 18. Then I bought a car at... Continue Reading →

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