Restaurant Hiidenpirtti

8th of September I was riding with my new friend Katariina. I met Katariina through our biker women’s Facebook group and this was our first time riding together. She has an old Suzuki VX800. I had planned a trip to Restaurant Hiidenpirtti 78 kilometers away from our starting point. One way would take about 1,5... Continue Reading →

Bike shopping (for a friend)!

My friend Heidi started looking for a bike in February. It was pretty clear that the bike should be an adventure / dual-sport bike and it should be acceptable for A2-license (Heidi has the same A2 driving license as I do). Beside that, another limitation was, or course, money. Bigger Hondas, such as Honda CB500X... Continue Reading →

Myrskylä roads

On last Thursday we went on an afternoon ride with my friend Alina and her husband. It was supposed to be a short trip, but turned out to last 3 hours. In total we rode about 174km! It was maybe a little too much for one afternoon, but on the other hand weather forecast was promising... Continue Reading →

Offroad with Honda Riders

7th of April I got to try out offroading for the second time in my life! This time I was riding with Honda Riders of Finland in Dynaset Offroad Arena in Ylöjärvi (near Tampere). The event was only for members of the Honda Riders club and was, to my mind, very cheap as the three... Continue Reading →

First of the year

Today I was finally riding my Honda again! It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and after seeing somebody's Instagram post from Helsinki that they were riding I thought I want to go too. Though I don't know if I can say that the season has officially started because the nights are still cold, there's snow... Continue Reading →

Offroad test drive day in Turku

Saturday 10th March we participated in an offroad test drive event in Turku with my friend Heidi. The event was only for women and you could try out offroad / motocross. Needless to say I was super excited (and a little bit nervous, too) about going there! There was about 50-60 women participating in the... Continue Reading →

Introducing Minna

Hi! I'm Minna, 24 years old girl from Southern part of Finland (I live pretty close to our capital Helsinki). My love for motorcycles started when I was 15. I rode a tiny Honda Monkey (model 1992) (which was a leftover from my big brother) from age 15 to 18. Then I bought a car at... Continue Reading →

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