Conquering the sand beach of Kalajoki

While on my trip to Central Finland in July, I also visited Kalajoki which is famous of its long sandy beach. We don’t have that many beautiful beaches in Finland! I was lucky because my grandparents’ neighbor is also a Honda enthusiast and he has one himself too and he agreed to be my guide... Continue Reading →

Sidecarcross races of summer 2018

This summer I visited two motocross events that had also sidecar classes: SM-Motocross @ Hyvinkää 26th May 2018 Classic motocross @ Karkkila 3rd June 2018 I was planning on participating in two other events beside these, but other things got on the way. I really like sidecarcross and try to go and see them as... Continue Reading →

Buying and installing handguards + review

Why did I want handguards? I have always liked handguards. Why? Like I knew! Probably because I’m used to seeing them on dirt bikes. But my bike is no dirt bike, still I wanted handguards. Surprise, surprise I didn’t buy them because of the protection against wind, rain and crashing (these are just a nice... Continue Reading →

Trip to Central Finland

July 7th to 11th I was visiting my grandparents’ in Central Finland.. by motorcycle of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about this! One-way distance from my starting point there is about 420km. Troubles with packing I took this same trip last year too, but then I was riding with my dad and my brother... Continue Reading →

Search for a new rear tire

I had really bad luck because my rear tire broke down. One morning I just noticed that it's all flat. Immediately I remembered the previous day's ride and that in the middle of the ride something had hit the tire. I had thought then that it was just some normal rock or something so I... Continue Reading →

Bomber night of Riihimäki

This was my first year following the bomber night of Riihimäki (Riksun B-ilta). Past couple of years I have just watched some photos and videos of the event. The event was on 11th of August. In a nutshell bomber nights are about doing some wheelies, burnouts and other cool stunts. This particular event has always... Continue Reading →

What’s happening to this blog?

This is a non-motorcycle related post. Sorry for that! But some of you might wonder what's happened to this blog's other authors. If you don't know what I'm talking about you might want to check out this writing I made when starting this blog. Together with the six other authors we decided that I take over... Continue Reading →

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