In the search for writing motivation

So.. I have been lacking writing motivation, but slowly starting to find it again. I guess I’m struggling with the same thing that a lot of bloggers are facing at some point: Why and what for I’m doing this? My blog doesn’t have a lot of followers so am I just writing to myself? What’s... Continue Reading →

Season 2018 retrospective

Season 2018 is over. We have now changed the oil and bikey is happily hibernating in the garage. I can see him every time I want, so that helps a little for my longing. Beside changing the oil we didn’t do much. I think we will start him up somewhere in the Christmas time and... Continue Reading →

Bike shopping (for a friend)!

My friend Heidi started looking for a bike in February. It was pretty clear that the bike should be an adventure / dual-sport bike and it should be acceptable for A2-license (Heidi has the same A2 driving license as I do). Beside that, another limitation was, or course, money. Bigger Hondas, such as Honda CB500X... Continue Reading →

First of the year

Today I was finally riding my Honda again! It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and after seeing somebody's Instagram post from Helsinki that they were riding I thought I want to go too. Though I don't know if I can say that the season has officially started because the nights are still cold, there's snow... Continue Reading →

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