What’s happening to this blog?

This is a non-motorcycle related post. Sorry for that! But some of you might wonder what's happened to this blog's other authors. If you don't know what I'm talking about you might want to check out this writing I made when starting this blog. Together with the six other authors we decided that I take over... Continue Reading →

About building this blog

I feel obligated to tell you the story how this blog got started since I was the one behind the idea. And I’m happy to tell it! I hope you’ll keep reading even though this post isn’t so much about motorcycles. I’ve thought about starting a blog a few of times before too, but never... Continue Reading →

Introducing Minna

Hi! I'm Minna, 24 years old girl from Southern part of Finland (I live pretty close to our capital Helsinki). My love for motorcycles started when I was 15. I rode a tiny Honda Monkey (model 1992) (which was a leftover from my big brother) from age 15 to 18. Then I bought a car at... Continue Reading →

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