Biker women’s meeting in Loviisa

2nd of June we had our first biker women meeting of the season. The meeting was supposed to be earlier in May, but it got moved twice because of bad weather. So our “spring fling” thing turned into summer meeting.

This meeting’s location was a harbor (Laivasilta) in Loviisa. We had agreed the place and time together and I was excited about the place because I had been wanting to go there for some time!

I met three of the women in Pornainen and we rode together to Loviisa. I got to run the pack and I had memorized a route from Pornainen to Myrskylä and then to Loviisa so that we wouldn’t just ride the fastest way. Though the route had to be quite simple because I didn’t have any navigator and had to remember the turns by heart.

Arriving to Loviisa there was already a lot of women there even though we were like 20 minutes early. We parked our bikes neatly in the end of the line and then headed to the Restaurant & Cafe Laivasilta. I had eaten at home so I just drank some coffee (I was feeling kinda cold after the ride so it was nice to get something warm) and a little pastry. The food looked also delicious and some women ate lunch. There was 23 women present which was a nice amount!

Loviisa is a really nice summer town and the feeling of the early summer was amazing. We got lucky with the weather because it was raining in the morning, but didn’t rain at all during our meeting and the weather actually got better as the day got by (still it could have been a little bit warmer, heh).

It was a nice meeting and I hope we have more of them this summer!

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