Räyskälä Airfield

On 15th of June it was time for our first summer holiday week. We would have one week off in June and three weeks off starting in the middle of July. As there is no knowing how the weather will be like, you have to ride like it’s the last day of summer!

Today our destination was Räyskälä. First we thought we would ride to Räyskälä and then ride south and visit restaurant Kievarin Kirnu, restaurant Keppana Kellari or Restaurant Loukku (all of them are almost alongside one road), but there was a change of plans when I wanted to visit Räyskälä Airfield. Otherwise we would have just passed the airfield, but now we also stopped there. My father is an ex-aviator and has flown gliders a lot from Räyskälä Airfield so I wanted to visit there and send him some pictures! And I like airplanes too!

Of course the airfield was relevantly busy because it was a beautiful summer day and the wind was good for gliders. We watched how a couple of them were towed into the skies by another plane. The airfield had its own restaurant which seemed to offer also food beside coffee, ice-cream etc. We had eaten at home so we just bought ice-cream. All in all Räyskälä seemed like a nice little summer town with its village shop and stuff. The airfield is probably a nice place to visit if you don’t care to cook everyday in your cottage.

Done with the airfield we drove west and then south. We passed Kievarin Kirnu at some point. And then we arrived at Keppana Kellari. We were curious to see the place so we drove to the front to take a look and then left. Maybe next time we will go inside because that place looked really nice!

We continued to south and drove past Restaurant Loukku and continued to south. The roads were amazing: nice little curvy roads and they were in a reasonable good condition. At some point I started to feel a bit tired and no wonder because we had been riding for a long time. So we headed home the fastest way. In total it was a good 200km trip and lasted almost 4 hours!

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  1. Vinkkinä jos tulee joskus toistekin tuolla suunnalla ajeltua, niin kannattaa ajaa Karkkilasta Somerolle ja sieltä Letkun kautta Räyskälään. Kiva mutkainen tie ja paremmassa kunnossa, kun tuo nyt ajamasi Kärkölän reitti 🙂


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