Häme Castle and Beach Restaurant Virveli

It was warm on Easter Friday 19th of April so we decided to head for a little ride to Hämeenlinna with my boyfriend. It turned out to be quite chilly after all because I only had my riding jeans on.. Textile outfit would have been a better choice! We rode one nice familiar route to Hämeenlinna, but the destination was new to me.

In Hämeenlinna we stopped for a lunch at Beach Restaurant Virveli (Virvelin Rantaravintola) which is next to a lake. I ate potato-sausage-hash even though the restaurant is known for its good hamburgers (the hamburger just seemed too big for me to eat, looked delicious though!). The restaurant had a terrace outside so it was nice to sit there and enjoy the lake view.

After the lunch we drove to the castle (Häme Castle) which is downtown Hämeenlinna. The castle was closed (of course because it was a religious holiday), but we walked around in the premises. Last time I had been in the castle was when I was very little (can’t really remember anything about it). It would have been cool to go inside too, but maybe we get to do that next time.

The route back home was new to me. At one point there was really annoying little sand on the road and I had to be super careful. Also I was getting a bit tired so maybe just the fastest way back home would have been okay. Anyways, this was my first “longer” (126km) trip of the season!

Our route. Total of 126km

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