Riding practice in Alastaro with Honda Riders

11th of May I participated in Honda Riders’ riding practice day in Alastaro Circuit. I was in the same event also last year so I knew pretty much what to expect.

This time I had driven to Turku to stay over at my friend’s place because from Turku I would only have 1 hour drive to Alastaro. From my home it would be over 2 hours and that would be exhausting first to drive to Alastaro, practice all day and then drive back to home. So I was lucky that I got to stay with my friend!

Handling tasks

Bikes ready for handling tasks! As you can see, it was a really gloomy day, but no rain.

In the morning we practiced handling tasks such as emergency braking, driving slowly, yielding, figure 8 etc. The hardest one for me (yet again) was yielding. I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or am I just afraid, but it’s difficult for me. I feel like if I’m doing some yielding in the traffic, for example just fooling around and avoiding markings on the ground, all goes well, but yielding those cones just doesn’t work out for me. I need some more practice!

Riding on the track

First ride on the track itself was awful. I felt like I hadn’t improved a bit since last year’s track days. But after a couple of times I started to feel pretty good and it began to feel fun again. I’m still one of the slowest, but, as long as everyone passes me safely, I don’t care. In total I got to ride four times on the track until it was time to head back to Turku before the rain (it was cloudy all day, but luckily it didn’t rain).

I like this event a lot so definitely coming back again next year!

ps. Thank you for the beautiful photos Track Punk Racing!

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