In the search for writing motivation

So.. I have been lacking writing motivation, but slowly starting to find it again. I guess I’m struggling with the same thing that a lot of bloggers are facing at some point: Why and what for I’m doing this? My blog doesn’t have a lot of followers so am I just writing to myself? What’s the point? I hid my blog from the audience in the winter, but just opened it up again. Maybe I give this blog one more chance! Also if followed this blog earlier (with email or as a WordPress user) you have to subscribe the blog again. You can do that in the footer!

A lot has happened during May and beginning of June so I have a lot of to catching up to do! Highlights are probably Honda Riders’ track day on May 11th in Alastaro and our biker women meeting in Loviisa on June 2nd. Anyway I will write a proper posts about them soon!

One of the first rides of the season. 29th of March. You can still see a bit of snow on the ground!
21st of April we visited an alpaca farm (Ali-Ollin Alpakkatila) nearby.

Cherry trees were blossoming in the end of April:

Cute graffiti that I found :3 (31st of March)

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