Tampere Supercross & Offroad expo 2018

Saturday 10th of November was a day that I had been waiting for a while.. It was a day for Tampere Supercross! Beside the supercross race there was also offroad expo in the same premises.

Offroad expo

The expo didn’t offer much anything to me last year, but this year it offered me at least something. I spent some time talking to Lopen Enduro about their enduro safaris. It would be fun to have a girls’ safari next spring. They already have a girls’ enduro camp organized in spring so we just have to think whether we participate in that one or do we want to have our own safari for our own group. Other thing is will I have enough courage for going to those safaris! They sounded amazing though… (For those who haven’t heard about Lopen Enduro: they organize enduro safaris so that the safari includes a bike and equipment.)

Lopen Enduro

I was sad because Honda wasn’t represented at the expo. There was only KTM, Kawasaki and Yamaha which had their motocross and enduro bikes on display. Of course I test seated almost every bike.

I didn’t buy anything, but sure got some free stuff! (Yay, free stuff is always the best) On Rockstar Energy Drink / Husqvarna’s tent I played some trial/MX game on Playstation where you had to beat Harri Kullas’ time so that you could win something. I happened to be so lucky (nah, it was just 100% skills) that I got the fastest time (only one second behind Harri Kullas) and nobody beat me in the next 3 hours so I won the 1st prize. Got a nice Husqvarna / Rockstar beanie. 🙂 Don’t know where I would stick that huge Rockstar sticker!


After walking around in the expo (for a bit too long) it was time to pick our seats for watching the supercross race. We knew the place would be crowded so we head straight to the age limited area which had more space at that time and we got nice seats.

Turned out to be that the event was sold out meaning there was something like 4000 people present. Every seat was taken and some of the people had to stand.

The track

The race started with an opening ceremony. Compared to last year they had nice laser show in addition to music and flames.

Short video of the opening ceremony:

I don’t have much to say about the race itself except it was awesome. I really enjoyed the thrill of the head 2 head races. There was couple of crashes, but every rider seemed to be okay after all. And of course it was great that a Finnish rider Harri Kullas won the whole thing!

Heat 2:

Head 2 head heat 6 (Harri Kullas vs. Joan Cros):

The event met all my (high) expectations. I don’t know if it would interesting enough if I saw this kind of events throughout the year, but once a year is okay!

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