Season 2018 retrospective

Changing the oil
We changed the oil by ourselves

Season 2018 is over. We have now changed the oil and bikey is happily hibernating in the garage. I can see him every time I want, so that helps a little for my longing. Beside changing the oil we didn’t do much. I think we will start him up somewhere in the Christmas time and see if the battery has still power then. Last winter the battery and everything hold well so I’m not too worried.

So now that the riding season is officially over it’s time to have a little review on the season 2018.

Driven kilometers

I drove total of 10 852 kilometers which is far more than I thought I would ride. I hoped for the 10 000 kilometers, but I was surprised how fast and easily I reached it. This might be have something to do with last year, because I bought my bike in May 2017 and last year it felt like the season was cut short. Now I began this season in April (okay, my first ride was in March, but that doesn’t really count!) so I had 1,5 months more time to ride compared to last season. Also the summer was really good when it comes to the weather. Sometimes it was even too hot for riding!

Mostly I just rode to work and back home and to my boyfriend’s place. Kilometers came effortlessly. I did one longer trip to Central Finland, but that was really the only long trip I made. I hoped for more longer trips, but I guess I just didn’t have time or I just made some excuses for not going. I was planning on going to visit my friend Heidi, but didn’t see through that plan, which is a shame because I would have really wanted to do that.

Visiting Sääksjärvi with Heidi
My bike and Heidi’s little grey Varadero

Worst moment

In the beginning of the season I happened to tip my bike over. I was just walking beside the bike when it decided to fall to its right side. I couldn’t do anything when I realized what was happening because the bike’s weight is just too much for me.

I was feeling really down after it even though nothing happened to the bike (for my luck the ground was gravel). Then I started to question if I was able to cope with my bike on my own. I felt really anxious about going to places I didn’t know beforehand because I wouldn’t know what kind of parking space they had and so on. I think I even avoided some situations like that by just skipping some events and trips.

I’m still having that feeling and I don’t know how to pass it. Either the bike is just too heavy for me or it’s lack of practice and self-confidence.

Best moment(s)

It’s hard to pick just one good moment! I think conquering Kalajoki beaches was one of the most memorable moments because of the views. Also our biker women’s meeting at Sääksmäki Bridge was really nice because the weather was amazing and we went for a little swim too.

Of course nothing beats my tries in the field of offroad! Not sure if they’re going to have same kind of offroad try out for women in Turku again.. but our Honda Riders club will definitely have a motocross day in the spring! Guess who’s going there for sure. 😉

One really hot day in the summer when we went sailboating – and bikey posed for this picture in the harbor

Expectations for next season

Next season (maybe in the early summer) I’m going to upgrade my motorcycle driving license! I have now A2-class motorcycle license which means I can drive a motorcycle with maximum power of 35kW. After upgrading the license I won’t have any limitations.

For upgrading I have to take a couple of theory lessons (probably online) and driving lessons. I will be doing that in our local driving school where I have driven my A2-license and my car license as well. Luckily I don’t have to do any driving tests anymore. I’m really looking forward to it and I will definitely give you profound writings about the lessons! I think the school has a Honda Hornet waiting for me…

Other things I’m waiting for / expecting to do:

  • Track days. This summer I attended two track days so I hope next summer that count will be at least three.
  • Make one or two longer trips. And I hope I will go somewhere else than just my grandparents’ this time!
  • Overcome my fear of handling the bike from the ground.
  • Ride more with friends. It’s been quite a lonely season and I wish I would have more riding company.
  • Test ride other bikes. Upgrading my motorcycle license will enable this. (If I will have the courage to test any bikes that is..)
  • See more sidecarcross (of course).

What about this blog?

Now that the season is over I won’t have as much things to write about. It’s a shame, but I’m happy to get a little break from writing. Although I will write about things that have happened during the summer, because there’s still some stuff (trips, motorcycle gear I’ve bought and so on) I haven’t told you about yet. (Sorry for the confusing timeline on this blog, but I’ll always mention the date of the happening in the post.) Also I will be attending to a couple of motorcycle events too during the winter so it won’t be a complete radio silence! I hope you’ll continue following my blog. 🙂

Remember to also follow me on Instagram where I will be posting pictures of my other hobbies too.

My other beloved hobby – bicycling

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  1. Thanks for sharing your season. This time of the year one must always be happy that no crash happened with the bike during the summer. And the spring is closer than you can imagine.

    Liked by 1 person

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