SSS-Paviljongen: Curvy roads lead you to a’la carte food

19th of August I spontaneously decided go for a ride because it was a beautiful evening. I didn’t have anyone to ride with, but that was fine. For destination I picked SSS-Paviljongen by the sea in Spjutsund. SSS-Paviljongen is a summer restaurant meaning it’s open only in the summer. I have been there once before (last season), but then the restaurant was already closed for the summer so I was curious to visit there and see the restaurant open.

Also one reason for picking this destination was because I knew there would be amazing curvy roads. And I remembered right: they were amazing. There wasn’t much traffic and there was no peer pressure.. just me enjoying my bike.

SSS-Paviljongen was very nice! The food there seemed pretty high-end and delicious, but I just had an ice cream. The restaurant’s terrace was nice because it was just by the harbor. Cool place to go for a coffee with a friend or something!

After finishing my ice cream I looked around for a while and then took some photos of my bike by the sea. Just to mention that there wasn’t much parking space near the restaurant. If there were a lot of people for some reason it might have been difficult to find a parking spot.


I didn’t take the same route back to home because I knew there would be as good and as curvy roads in the other direction. This trip wasn’t a long one, but I sure enjoyed myself and my bike.

Sipoo-Spjutsund route map
My route from Sipoo to Spjutsund and back

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