Hyvinkää trial, enduro & scramble 2018

25th and 26th of August I went to watch trial, enduro and scramble (=motocross) races in Hyvinkää. Or they’re not actual races, but more of a fun show-off to the audience with classic motorcycles. Anyways the atmosphere was unique in both of the days!


The first day started out with trial. I haven’t ever watched trial competitions so I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived just a tiny bit late to the scene, but heard how the participants were divided into groups.

I just followed other people into the woods and there I saw that one area was marked with strings and the riders were riding a certain path through it. Now I realized there would be several this kind of courses in the woods and all of the groups would have to go accomplish all of them. The grouping was for dividing the riders all around the woods so that all of them wouldn’t be in the same spot and causing traffic to one course.

Following one of the group of riders I also realized there was an easy way through the course or a difficult way, but didn’t know why some of the riders chose the easy way and some the difficult one. Maybe you got more points if you completed the difficult one? Also I learned that you didn’t get as much points if your foot touched the ground during the course. That made sense.

Trial looked very fun! I think it would be a good sport for me since you don’t need much speed in it.


After watching trial the enduro race was about to begin. Again the rules were a bit confusing to me (they were talking about some kind of short cuts etc.), but maybe the rules were a bit difference than in normal enduro races. Anyways I just enjoyed watching the race and the old motorcycles of course!

Enduro race starting
Enduro riders ready for starting


First I didn’t know what scramble even means, but then I heard it’s just old school motocross. The track wasn’t very usual track since it was in the woods. So I didn’t see the whole track from one place, but had to take a little walk in the woods to find good spots for watching. Also the start of the race was interesting since there were no starting gates (you can see it in the beginning of the video).

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