Conquering the sand beach of Kalajoki

While on my trip to Central Finland in July, I also visited Kalajoki which is famous of its long sandy beach. We don’t have that many beautiful beaches in Finland! I was lucky because my grandparents’ neighbor is also a Honda enthusiast and he has one himself too and he agreed to be my guide for the day. it’s fun to get to know people this way!

We started our journey somewhere around 2-3pm. There wasn’t much traffic even though it was a normal working day for some people. We rode nice smaller curvy roads to Kalajoki direction.

When we arrived to Kalajoki the first thing was to fuel up… Both of our bikes were running low on fuel (whooops). Fuelling up we ran to one woman from our Facebook group (she was also on the road with her bike) and chatted for a while with her. Nice coincidence! We also had a quick coffee break and then head off to the beach.

First we went to a harbor which is in the south-end of the beach. There I could see the whole beach. There was also this nice little kiosk called Cafe Reef where you could buy ice cream etc.

Cafe Reef at Kalajoki
Cafe Reef
Our bikes in front of Cafe Reef in Kalajoki
Our bikes in front of Cafe Reef
Kalajoki harbor
Small harbor in the south-end of the beach
Southend of Kalajoki
View to the main beach from the south-end

After that we drove to middle of the beach and parked our bikes to a spot which had nice views over the beach. Beautiful! There was a lot of people on the beach (and all around the place) since it was a nice warm day and Kalajoki is a popular place for caravan camping etc. All of the hotels were probably full.

Our bikes at Kalajoki
Our bikes and friendly stranger’s Suzuki
Kalajoki beach
View of the beach

The length of the trip surprised me and I was all tired on the way back (it was total of 340km). The trip from South to Central Finland had probably worn me out even though I had one day off the bike in the between. Despite that I was happy that we made this trip to Kalajoki because the place was so beautiful!

Explore the beach area in Google Maps:

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