1st birthday and 12 000 km maintenance

My bike’s 1st birthday was 19th of May 🙂 Here’s some photos of the special day:

Visiting Sääksjärvi with Heidi
We rode nice little roads to a nearby lake with my friend Heidi and her Varadero


In the evening we chased hot air balloons:

Also 1st of June it was time for my bike’s 12 000 km maintenance. For that I took him to Tuusmotor which is a bike shop near me. They sell bikes and equipment, but also have repair services (for Honda motorcycles they’re a licensed repair shop). I have heard good things about that place and the staff there seemed nice.

I got maintenance time for my bike with a one week notice. I haven’t had any problems with my bike and Tuusmotor didn’t find any problems either. In the end they just did the mandatory oil change. My rear brake fluid is half-empty, but they didn’t say anything about that and I think there’s no reason to be worried about it yet. I think all the parts are in a good condition; no need to change the chain, sprockets, brake pads, brake discs…

10000 km
We hit 10 000 km in 20th of April

Next maintenance will be at 24 000 kilometers which will be next spring / early summer. I will probably take the bike to Tuusmotor again. We still need to change the oil by ourselves before the winter break.

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