Sidecarcross races of summer 2018

This summer I visited two motocross events that had also sidecar classes:

  • SM-Motocross @ Hyvinkää 26th May 2018
  • Classic motocross @ Karkkila 3rd June 2018

I was planning on participating in two other events beside these, but other things got on the way. I really like sidecarcross and try to go and see them as often as possible. Some people just don’t understand the beauty of it! 😛


Usually I see sidecars only in classic motocross races, but in Hyvinkää (May 26th) they had Finland Championship cup going on so the sidecar class was open to every kind of sidecar without limitation on the model year. That’s why I got to see Sidecarcross team Kunnas in action! They are like the best team ever from Finland and they’re also racing in World Championship. It was no surprise that Kunnas brothers won (with a big lead) both of the two rounds. There was 9 sidecar teams racing.

Here’s my video from Hyvinkää’s race and some photos (Kunnas brothers are racing with #14):


The race in Karkkila (June 3rd) was only for classic bikes so only the old sidecars could participate. Still there was 7 participants. I really liked one sidecar bike with yellow/black/white color; it looked like a bumble bee. 🙂

Here’s a video and photos from Karkkila (weather was sunny, but windy so there’s sand flying everywhere):

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