Cafe Susikoski: Coffee with a river view

I’ve found a couple of places where I want to go from Motocahcing. Cafe Susikoski by River Kymijoki (in the border of Kouvola and Kotka) was one of them because I like rivers and the place wasn’t too near or too far away from our starting point. One week of summer holiday still left, we decided to do this half-day trip!

Driving the biggest roads would have been boring so we rode through Myrskylä and Porlammi instead. First we thought we would go through Artjärvi, but we got hungry on the way so we drove to the big main road to have lunch at one restaurant (also we knew that there wouldn’t be any hot meal at Susikoski and it was already lunch time). From there it wasn’t a long way to the destination.

Susikoski was very beautiful. The cafe was right next to the river. The cafe offered some sandwiches, buns and doughnuts. We bought coffee and buns and sat outside to enjoy the views. After the coffee break we walked down to the riverside and noticed that the water was very low in the river. There would probably be like 2 meters more water in the spring or early summer. Have to visit there again in the springtime! (We visited Susikoski on 14th of August)

One thing to worth mentioning (because I appreciate good parking lots) is that the cafe’s asphalt parking lot was spacious enough and easy to access.

We rode back to home almost the same route that we came. In total the trip was about 270 kilometers; perfect distance for this kind of half-day trip.

Taking a break
Taking a break on the way back home (somewhere in Myrskylä area)

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