Search for a new rear tire

I had really bad luck because my rear tire broke down. One morning I just noticed that it’s all flat. Immediately I remembered the previous day’s ride and that in the middle of the ride something had hit the tire. I had thought then that it was just some normal rock or something so I didn’t stop to check it nor did I remember to check in the evening before going to sleep. *facepalm*

So in the morning when I was taking my bike out to go riding I noticed that the tire is flat because the bike was very heavy to move. A small, triangle shaped piece of rock had made a hole in the rubber. So now what? I called my boyfriend and luckily he and his brother came to see the tire and his brother knew how to quick fix it.

It was interesting to see how he fixed it, though to my mind it looked a bit brutal. I was able to ride with the quick fixed tire, but I thought it would be better to either buy a new tire or get a better fix for the old one. I chose to buy a new one!

I don’t know much about tires so it was difficult to start finding a new one. Where to start? Well, my old tire is Dunlop’s so I tried to find a matching one for the old. Seemed like the old tire was not available anywhere so then I used Dunlop’s “Tires For My Bike” application for finding a suitable tire for my bike. You can enter your bike to the application and it recommends tires for you. Easy!

Dunlop’s tire suggestions for my bike

The application suggested a sport tire (Dunlop Sportmax Q3+) as a first option, but to my mind that sounded too sporty. After all, I don’t ride on tracks so much that I would need a sport tire. So I looked at the optional choice and it seemed good: sport-touring tire (Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart III) with good wet-weather performance. It rains a lot in Finland and I ride in the rain too so that tire felt perfect for me!

Next problem was to find a webshop which would sell that particular tire. I found many of them so I chose the most cheap one. The shop is called 1001Renkaat (1001tires) so the name didn’t sound too trustworthy. I asked from a couple of Facebook groups whether they have good experiences with this particular shop or not. I got some good advices too alongside the experiences:

  • Check the date when the tire has been made. Do not accept too old tires. Different shops might define “old” differently.
  • Read their return policy.
  • If you take the tire to be changed at a local shop check if they demand extra money for changing someone else’s tire under your bike.
Changing the rear tire
Changing the tire

We ordered the tire from that shop and it took only a week to arrive! And it was 10 months old so it was perfect! Luckily my boyfriend knows how to change tires and his brother had access to the machine that you need for changing the rubber on the rim. So changing the tire cost me 0 euros.

I rode about 1000 km with the quick fixed tire and it held well. I was a bit suspicious to ride on a highway with it because people had told me that it could break down during the ride and I could get hurt. Luckily nothing like that happened.

It’s a shame that the old tire broke down. I had ridden only 14 000 kilometers with it and I could have probably ridden another 10 000 kilometers with it. Now I could get a better fix for it and keep it as a spare tire, I guess.

Now I know how to and where to find a new tire when it’s time to change the front tire! And lesson learnt: Always try to remember to check your tires afterwards if you feel something exceptional during a ride.

Now I’ve driven about 4000 kilometers with the new rear tire. I’m not that good that I could give a throughout review of it. It has been a good tire, but I don’t feel much of a difference compared to the old one.

New rear tire
The new rear tire. After changing it I rode on a gravel road for a while to get the fresh-out-of-the-box slippery to go away

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  1. Luckily nowadays there’s not much difference between tires. Dunlop is ok.
    But I would still recommend Metzeler or Michelin… At least most of the touringriders trust these.
    Metzeler Roadtec 01 or Michelin Road 5 are the best in the market at the moment.

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