Biker women’s meeting #2 @ Sääksmäki’s Bridge

We had our second meeting (this summer) with our biker women’s Facebook group on 29th of July. This meeting (alongside the previous one) was actually organized by me. I don’t take any credit though because there’s no meeting without the other lovely biker women.. and of course we all planned this meeting together since we vote on the date and place!

This time we had agreed to meet at Sääksmäki’s Bridge which is an iconic bridge going over a lake. There’s a restaurant called Ravintola Sääksmäen silta on that bridge and we were going to meet there.

The day looked cloudy when we met with 8 other women 80 kilometers away from the restaurant. The plan was to ride to the restaurant together because.. well.. it’s more fun to ride together. I was afraid it would start raining and I only had my kevlar riding jeans on. Those wouldn’t hold any water! Anyways we met with the ladies and begin our ride towards the meeting point. I had invited everybody coming from the south to join our group and I was happy with the 8 participants.

Biker women taking off to the meeting point
Taking off to our destination

I hadn’t ever visited the restaurant where we were going to, but I knew most of the road there so I was leading the pack. I had memorized the route and it was pretty simple. Or we had kept it simple because the more complicated the route would be the most likely there would be problems keeping the group together. We didn’t go the straightest way, but almost. There was a couple of street lights and difficult turns which I was afraid of, but the ride went very well and nobody got separated from the pack.

We arrived at the restaurant about 20 minutes before the meeting time, but there was already other women present because some of them had come from East and West or some other route and so on.

Biker women at Sääksmäki's Bridge
Our motorcycles at the restaurant

We parked our motorcycles and hang out for a while until it was time to take a group photo. After taking the photo we went in to have a lunch together. I had informed the restaurant beforehand that there would be a bigger group coming at this date and time. The staff was well prepared because the food came fast. We had gotten an offer which included one particular warm food and dessert, so most of the people ordering the same food probably made it easier for the cooks. The food was pretty average, but the restaurant had a straight view to the lake which was nice.

I couldn’t have wished for better weather because at Sääksmäki’s Bridge the sun was shining and it was hot. After lunch the bravest one (including me) went for a swim! It was nice to cool off before taking off to home. (Yes, I had taken bikini with me even though the morning had seemed gray)

Beach at Sääksmäki's Restaurant
The restauant has its own beach right in front of it

I counted that there was about 23 women present. It’s a delight to plan meetings like this!

One of the girls had the same bike as me! Only it was newer, year 2018 model as I have year 2017 model. The bike wasn’t looking any different, only by the color of course. Blue color suits the bike well, don’t you think? I tested it just by sitting on it and gosh it felt high! My bike has been lowered with a lowering kit so it’s about 3cm lower. And I really could feel the difference. I have difficulties reaching the ground with my feet even now that the bike is lowered, but I didn’t remember that the bike was that high before. Anyways it was nice to see that someone else is also enjoying the same bike as me!

Two CB500F's
My red 2017 CB500F and the blue 2018 model

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