Biker women on the move!

We organized a small meeting with other biker women from our Facebook group! At 12:00 we gathered to Tuusula with 5 other women and drove to Vihti – I was the one leading us from Tuusula to Vihti.

Taking off from Tuusula

In Vihti we joined 15 more women and drove together (leader changed at that point) to a shop called Kasvihuoneilmiö. They also sell coffee, snacks and lunch there so we sat down for a coffee. There was a little over 20 women present.

Getting ready in Vihti

It was a really nice day and the weather was amazing! I rode total of 200 km – and in a good company. 🙂 The roads were mostly new to me (and so was Kasvihuoneilmiö too!) so it was nice to get to explore new places.. though I won’t probably remember the exact route we took later on…

I like to ride alone because then I don’t have to think or worry about anyone else.. but I also love that certain feeling of togetherness too when riding in a bigger group!

My Honda enjoying the warm weather in front of Kasvihuoneilmiö

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