Bike shopping (for a friend)!

My friend Heidi started looking for a bike in February. It was pretty clear that the bike should be an adventure / dual-sport bike and it should be acceptable for A2-license (Heidi has the same A2 driving license as I do). Beside that, another limitation was, or course, money. Bigger Hondas, such as Honda CB500X were a bit too expensive and hard to find. Heidi was also looking at some smaller Honda CBR 250cc’s, but eventually found two or three suitable Honda Varadero 125cc’s.

Candidates were cut down to two: A grey Varadero model 2007 with 27 000 km driven and a red Varadero model 2006 with 35 000 km driven. There was not much of a difference in prices (the older was actually a bit more expensive) and they both were located in Southern Finland. The grey being a little cheaper and nicer looking, Heidi decided that it was The One.

So on Saturday we drove (by car) from capital area to Särkisalo (about 155 km to the direction of Turku) to have a look at the bike and possibly to buy it. The bike was in a good condition. Its chain was a bit rusty and there was some rust also on the rear brake. Also the rear brake pads seemed to be a bit worn out. The front fork had also some rust on it. I also checked that the wasn’t any liquid anywhere it shouldn’t be.

I took photos of these and sent them to my boyfriend because he’s the expert on these things. But all of those findings weren’t too critical. Also Heidi had thought of taking the bike to a shop to be repaired anyways… So the deal was made! Our Honda family got a little bigger! 🙂 After the deal, Heidi took the bike and I took the car and we drove to Turku (84 km), because that’s where Heidi lives.

In the end of the day we left the bike to Turku and headed home. It was a long but successful day and I’m really looking forward to making some nice trips with Heidi!

Heidi – the happy owner!

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