Myrskylä roads

On last Thursday we went on an afternoon ride with my friend Alina and her husband. It was supposed to be a short trip, but turned out to last 3 hours. In total we rode about 174km! It was maybe a little too much for one afternoon, but on the other hand weather forecast was promising rainy weather for this week so had to enjoy a beautiful evening properly.

On our way to Artjärvi we rode through Myrskylä which is known for it’s nice curvy roads. The roads were in a decent condition. Sometimes had to watch out for some gravel here and there but nothing too alarming or difficult. Those curvy roads made me really miss riding on a track. Luckily I’m participating on a track day 12th of May!

Alina and her husband rode Yamaha 600cc’s. They looked pretty similar and matched together very well. Nice looking bikes!

In Artjärvi - Minna
Alina’s white Yamaha 600cc and her husband’s black Yamaha 600cc. In Artjärvi.
Route map: Kerava - Pornainen - Artjärvi
Our route map (Kerava – Pornainen – Artjärvi – Juornaankylä – Pornainen)

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    1. Have to take a closer look on Motocaching as soon as can. Haven’t logged anything yet but I have an account there already 🙂 I have used it to find cafees though! 😀


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