Offroad with Honda Riders

7th of April I got to try out offroading for the second time in my life! This time I was riding with Honda Riders of Finland in Dynaset Offroad Arena in Ylöjärvi (near Tampere). The event was only for members of the Honda Riders club and was, to my mind, very cheap as the three hour practice time cost only 15 euros per rider. Notice that the club is about riding street bikes, but this yearly offroad event is a fun way to start the riding season!

The practice time was non-stop for three hours. I don’t know how many times I rode or for how long, but in the end I felt like I got to ride more than enough (after one day my arms and back were still sore). Riders would come and go as they pleased many of which rode about 10 minutes straight and then kept a break. In total there was probably 10 riders. Once in a while I was the only rider on the track so I had plenty of room for practicing and failing!

The track itself wasn’t too long but technical. Starting with a rhythm straight it had few jumps and one more rhythm straight. One of the climbs was very steep, but daringly I always throttled and made it to the top every time.

I rode two bikes: Yamaha Tricker 250cc and Honda 230cc. Yamaha was a good bike to start with since it had a low seat height. Mostly (or probably just all the time) I used 1st gear for it since it ran all good on it. Then I got to try out the Honda! First it felt a little high for me, but then I got used to the seat height and it felt actually pretty good. Quickly I learned that when I used the 2nd gear I could just ride it without even touching the clutch.. and with my riding speed I barely touched the brake either. Two times it shut down because of low gas or usage of the front brake in wrong place, but I handled the situations pretty well. Though I probably looked hopeless when it shut down in middle of a hill and I just stood there for a minute or two thinking about what to do.

I was lucky I got a guy to film me riding! 😀

Tried out a quad too!

There was also KTM bikes (KTM EXC 125cc, KTM EXC 350cc and KTM SXF 250cc), but they just looked a bit too high so I sticked for that Yamaha and Honda. I also tried out couple of laps with a Polaris Scrambler 500 which is a quad. It was very interesting experience too though not really my thing!

Even though my speed was everything but fast I felt like I made some progress compared to the last time (you can read about my first time offroading from here). I wasn’t scared of any of the turns and as I got familiar with the bikes it was really an enjoyable experience.

I warmly recommend Dynaset Offroad Arena! They had all of the riding gear and bikes ready for you to just enjoy them. They arrange events of your liking (even for bachelor/ette parties for example!) or you can just rent a bike or ride your own bike there. Just take a look at their website to read more (only in Finnish).

I hope I get to try out offroad / motocross in the summer on an outdoor track somewhere, though that might be just wishful thinking…

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