First of the year

Today I was finally riding my Honda again! It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and after seeing somebody’s Instagram post from Helsinki that they were riding I thought I want to go too. Though I don’t know if I can say that the season has officially started because the nights are still cold, there’s snow and I might not ride for a week or two… Anyways I was happy to go for a short ride!

My riding probably didn’t look too confident. The weight of the bike amazed me yet again and I felt like I won’t ever make an U-turn again. But after riding for a while in the traffic I was pretty happy and sure that I’ll gain back that confident I had last year. Roads were mainly just wet and full of gravel so my bike got all dirty which wasn’t nice. And I don’t even have the possibility to wash my bike at my place. 😦

Before starting the season for real I probably have to check the chain and tire pressure… And maybe wash the bike properly. Until that I will order some nice things online for my bike and for myself. :3

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