About building this blog

I feel obligated to tell you the story how this blog got started since I was the one behind the idea. And I’m happy to tell it! I hope you’ll keep reading even though this post isn’t so much about motorcycles.

I’ve thought about starting a blog a few of times before too, but never had the courage of actually doing it. Also I’ve never got an actual theme for a blog, but now I feel like there’s so much to tell about my motorcycle hobby that I could write a book!

What if nobody reads my blog? What if I run out of ideas what to write about? Those two questions were probably the biggest worries I had. Then I got an idea: What if I invite some people to write the blog with me? That way I could share my worries with them and maybe get some inspiration if I ever felt like I would need it. I got so excited that I couldn’t sleep that night; starting a blog could actually be happening this time!

Frozen nature - Minna
This blog was founded in March 2018 when it was super cold in Finland. – MAR 2018

Before I continue I have to tell you a little background story. When I bought my bike in spring 2017 I joined a Facebook group called “Female bikers” (Naismotoristit in Finnish). I have met some awesome people from there and I can share almost anything with them and I know they’ll support me and give advice and good tips. Can’t wait for the summer to ride with them again!

So naturally when I wanted to find people to write this blog with I started my search from that group. Tons of women got excited about the idea and (because I can’t say no to anybody!) I accepted six of them to join me. There was more people interested in writing too, but sadly I had to draw the line somewhere. Maybe those people can join this blog as “guest authors” or something. After creating a Messenger chat group we started to think about a name for this blog. That’s how this blog got its beginning!

I don’t know if seven authors for one blog is too much or not. But I don’t care. I think it will just make this blog more interesting to you readers (and to us writers!). This blog will certainly give you a wide perspective of motorcycle culture in Finland. Every one of us got their own voice and style, just pick the one you find the most interesting and follow only them or follow all of us! Read more about the authors of this blog » (Though at the moment the other authors haven’t introduced themselves so please be patient. They’ll start writing too when the time is right 🙂 )

Be sure to like and comment our posts because that will keep this blog alive and running. (Of course we can stalk all of our readers through our analytics, but that’s not as fun!) I’m looking forward to sharing my motolife with you! My first “real” post (this was the second one, the first one was my introduction) will be coming this weekend when I take part to an Offroad test drive weekend.

If you want to comment this post, but just don’t know what you should comment, you can answer to these questions for example:

  • Do you think seven authors is too much?
  • What are you expectations for this blog and what kind of impression have you got about this blog so far?

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