Introducing Minna


I’m Minna, 24 years old girl from Southern part of Finland (I live pretty close to our capital Helsinki).

Honda Monkey - Minna
Me at the age of 10 riding our Honda Monkey – year 2004

My love for motorcycles started when I was 15. I rode a tiny Honda Monkey (model 1992) (which was a leftover from my big brother) from age 15 to 18. Then I bought a car at the age of 18 and forgot about mopeds and motorcycles for a while until I met my current boyfriend. After watching him ride his KTM 690 SMC R, I got an idea to upgrade my motorcycle license so that I could ride bigger bikes than mopeds.

So I got A2 motorcycle license spring 2017 and bought my first “big” bike; Honda CB500F (model 2017). I rode the same bike (or not the SAME and it was an older model) in driving school and I really liked it so I thought it would be a good first bike for me. Also the bike fits to A2 license as it sits without any modifications so it was pretty convenient for me.

In a leather suit - Minna
Ready for season 2018 with a new leather suit – FEB 2018

I would say that I’m an urban rider. I ride to work almost every day in the riding season and I really like riding in urban environment. Naked bike is a pretty good choice for that! I like the idea of making longer trips, but (so far) my longest trip has been 450 km in one day (to my grandparents in middle Finland). It’s really nice to take off to a nice day-trip to somewhere reasonable close by!

Sidecar motocross - Minna
Me (in white clothes) trying out sidecarcross – OCT 2017

I’m also interested in dirtbikes, motocross, sidecar motocross, enduro.. and all of that dirty stuff! I sometimes go watch my boyfriend and his brother motocross / enduro practices and I also try to go watch as many MX events / competitions I can. I’m sure that one day I will own a dirtbike too (alongside of my Honda of course!) and go discover a whole new world with it.

SO.. In this blog I’m going to write about the trips I have taken, the people I have met, all the new places I have gone to, the new things I’ve tried, the gear I’ve got, and all the events I have participated in!

ps: I will (TRY to) write mainly in English, but my motorcycle vocabulary isn’t that great so sometimes I might post writings in Finnish with an English summary alongside it.

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