Pros and cons of a soft tailbag

In May 2018 I bought myself SW-Motech’s Drybag 180. The bag is a soft tailbag with a capacity of 18 liters. I bought the bag mainly because I wanted an alternative choice for my backpack. I had couple of longer trips in mind and I knew that backpack would wear my shoulders out in a... Continue Reading →

In the search for writing motivation

So.. I have been lacking writing motivation, but slowly starting to find it again. I guess I’m struggling with the same thing that a lot of bloggers are facing at some point: Why and what for I’m doing this? My blog doesn’t have a lot of followers so am I just writing to myself? What’s... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Hiidenpirtti

8th of September I was riding with my new friend Katariina. I met Katariina through our biker women’s Facebook group and this was our first time riding together. She has an old Suzuki VX800. I had planned a trip to Restaurant Hiidenpirtti 78 kilometers away from our starting point. One way would take about 1,5... Continue Reading →

Season 2018 retrospective

Season 2018 is over. We have now changed the oil and bikey is happily hibernating in the garage. I can see him every time I want, so that helps a little for my longing. Beside changing the oil we didn’t do much. I think we will start him up somewhere in the Christmas time and... Continue Reading →

Hyvinkää trial, enduro & scramble 2018

25th and 26th of August I went to watch trial, enduro and scramble (=motocross) races in Hyvinkää. Or they’re not actual races, but more of a fun show-off to the audience with classic motorcycles. Anyways the atmosphere was unique in both of the days! Trial The first day started out with trial. I haven’t ever... Continue Reading →

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