Biker women’s meeting in Loviisa

2nd of June we had our first biker women meeting of the season. The meeting was supposed to be earlier in May, but it got moved twice because of bad weather. So our “spring fling” thing turned into summer meeting. This meeting’s location was a harbor (Laivasilta) in Loviisa. We had agreed the place and... Continue Reading →

Räyskälä Airfield

On 15th of June it was time for our first summer holiday week. We would have one week off in June and three weeks off starting in the middle of July. As there is no knowing how the weather will be like, you have to ride like it’s the last day of summer! Today our... Continue Reading →

Pros and cons of a soft tailbag

In May 2018 I bought myself SW-Motech’s Drybag 180. The bag is a soft tailbag with a capacity of 18 liters. I bought the bag mainly because I wanted an alternative choice for my backpack. I had couple of longer trips in mind and I knew that backpack would wear my shoulders out in a... Continue Reading →

In the search for writing motivation

So.. I have been lacking writing motivation, but slowly starting to find it again. I guess I’m struggling with the same thing that a lot of bloggers are facing at some point: Why and what for I’m doing this? My blog doesn’t have a lot of followers so am I just writing to myself? What’s... Continue Reading →

Restaurant Hiidenpirtti

8th of September I was riding with my new friend Katariina. I met Katariina through our biker women’s Facebook group and this was our first time riding together. She has an old Suzuki VX800. I had planned a trip to Restaurant Hiidenpirtti 78 kilometers away from our starting point. One way would take about 1,5... Continue Reading →

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